Infrastructure Assessments

Five Reasons to Have a Layer8 Network Security Assessment

1) Compare Your Organization to Industry Best Practices:

The primary benefit of a Layer8 assessment is it gives you a third-party independent view of your existing network and security systems. Our assessment report provides easy-to-understand technical information regarding your current environment compared to industry best practices.


2) Reduce Business Disruptions:

The output of our assessment provides recommendations for a potential IT roadmap. The goal of these recommendations is to enhance the reliability, scalability, and security of your environment. Adopting best practices will ensure higher availability and security of resources, thereby reducing disruption to your business.


3) Protect Company Assets:

By discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your existing network, you can better understand how to protect them.


4) Move From Reactive to Proactive:

If your team spends the majority of their day putting out fires, it’s time to look for proactive solutions that allow them to manage the network instead of it managing them.


5) Education for Incoming IT Executives:

For IT leaders new to an organization, third-party assessments are valuable. They provide a documented view of the as-built environment and can help identify problems the new executive may not be aware of.

Layer8 Network and Security Assessments
Custom yes – Expensive no.