Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are critical components of an organization’s ability to recover from a serious event and to maintain proper cyber insurance.

Business Continuity Planning

Our business continuity services ensure businesses can continue operations in the event of serious incidents or disasters. More and more, having a documented business continuity plan is also a must-have requirement for cyber insurance carriers. Layer8 Consulting can provide you with comprehensive BCP and/or DR plans.

Layer8 can provide the proper planning and documentation exercises to complete your business continuity needs.

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Disaster Recovery

Layer8 Consulting can provide detailed DR planning services to businesses for resuming operations after an event. Our experienced and professional staff can also work to recover vital infrastructure following an incident or disaster. Layer8 has direct experience developing and testing DR plans.

Layer8 has direct experience developing and testing disaster recovery plans.

  • Design, plan, exercise, and documentation of DR plans

  • Assistance with Recovery and Restore Time Objectives

  • Cloud integration for DR purposes