Temporary-To-Permanent Hiring

Want to see first-hand how a potential hire performs before onboarding them?

It’s tricky to determine whether a job candidate will be the right fit for your team based on resumes and interviews alone. Luckily, Layer8 provides a temporary-to-permanent arrangement that allows you to onboard individuals as temporary contractors, giving you the opportunity to review their performance before extending a full-time offer.

Do you have a technical hiring need, but won’t have the budget for several months?

If you’re in desperate need of new technical staff, but the hiring budget is delayed, don’t panic. Layer8 can work with your team to provide resources on a contractual basis until you are ready to hire.

Benefits of Layer8’s Temp-To-Perm System

We’ll let the advantages of our temporary-to-hiring process speak for themselves:

  • We recruit candidates using our Layer8 “people network” – not just job boards
  • Three-month to multi-year terms are available
  • No conversion fee after the term
  • Pre-hire salary negotiation included
  • Direct client participation during the entire process