Wireless LAN

Are your users constantly reporting poor wireless experience?

It’s no secret that a positive user experience isn’t possible without careful network planning and precise implementation—no guesswork allowed. While others may install wireless access points based on convenience or speculation, Layer8’s team has implemented and supported thousands of wireless networks using our secret sauce of best practice wireless design.

Having issues with your existing wireless coverage?

You can rely on Layer8’s wireless survey to pinpoint weak or non-existent coverage zones. We’ll also provide spectrum analysis services to locate sources of interference. Our surveys can offer the following benefits:

  • Graphical heat maps displaying signal strength, RSSI and more
  • All wireless SSIDs observed
  • Locations and information on rogue wireless access points

Which wireless solutions can Layer8 support?

Our registered partners include Fortinet, Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks, and Juniper Networks, but we can support most enterprise wireless solutions.