Other Products

Layer8 offers more than IT security and networking

Face facts: Scalable and secure infrastructures are made of much more than firewalls and networks. To build an operational and resilient framework, you’ll need several supporting technologies and products to act as the glue that binds the main components together, and that’s where Layer8 comes in.

Maintenance contracts and vendor support

Thanks to our partnerships with industry leaders like Fortinet, Cisco, Aruba, Juniper, APC, and other product manufacturers, Layer8 is equipped for tailored service support options that cater to your most demanding needs. Quick support and service renewal quotes are our specialty!

Proactive network monitoring and alerting

Tired of constantly putting out IT fires? Leave that behind and let us implement a proactive network management system that can identify and tackle challenges before they escalate. Layer8 can help steer your organization in the right direction with a system that can alert and track bandwidth consumption, server disk space, application availability, and more.

Low voltage cabling and data rack design

For years, Layer8 has maintained tight partnerships with local low-voltage cabling firms, such as Systcom and LANstar. These firms assist our clients with data cabling, audio-visual, security cameras, and more. Need an introduction? Contact us and we’ll gladly make the connection.

Nationwide “Smart Hands”

Layer8 teams up with Tech Americas USA to deliver comprehensive nationwide field support services. Think “rack & stack”, break/fix, telco deployments, and more. If your organization has locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, get in touch to discuss how we can blend our “Smart Hands” services into your IT support team.