Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Why You Need A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are critical components of an organization’s ability to recover from a serious event and maintain proper cyber insurance. In the face of adversity, we’re here to make sure your company not only survives but thrives.

Business Continuity Planning

Amid storms and setbacks, our business continuity services act as a shield, helping your day-to-day operations persist in the wake of disaster. This type of detailed business continuity plan is more than a safety net—it’s a must-have for cyber insurance carriers. You can count on Layer8 to lead you through planning exercises to support an all-encompassing business continuity strategy.

Disaster Recovery

At Layer8, we get our hands dirty developing and testing disaster recovery plans, plus successfully reviving business operations post-event. Our experienced industry experts will work hands-on with your team to recover vital infrastructures following an unfortunate event or disaster.

  • Design, plan, exercise, and document BC/DR plans
  • Assistance with recovery and restore time objectives
  • Cloud integration for DR purposes
  • Table-top exercises for contingency planning