Network and Security Products

Proven Strategies for Success

Our team can work in your environment to support your security ecosystem while enhancing it with our proven strategies based on best practices, not speculation.

Firewall & Security Products

Our registered partners include Fortinet, Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks, and Juniper Networks, but we can support most enterprise firewalls.

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LAN Switching

The art of designing and implementing switched networks is practically in our DNA. As proud partners of industry giants like Fortinet, Cisco, Aruba, and Juniper, we’re ready to support any manufacturer’s switch technology today.

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Wireless LAN

It’s no secret that a positive user experience isn’t possible without careful network planning and precise implementation—no guesswork allowed. While others may install wireless access points based on convenience or speculation, Layer8’s team has implemented and supported thousands of wireless networks using our secret sauce of best practice wireless design.

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Other Products

Face facts: Scalable and secure infrastructures are made of much more than firewalls and networks. To build an operational and resilient framework, you’ll need several supporting technologies and products to act as the glue that binds the main components together, and that’s where Layer8 comes in.

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