Recruiting & Direct Hire

Our Recruiting Approach

Discover fresh talent from diverse sources-not just job boards-through our Layer8 “People” network, a testament to our wide range of industry connections. Here’s how we’ll help support your recruiting process:

  • All candidates are screened by senior engineers and consultants
  • Background checks are performed on potential hires
  • Candidate are screened for team fit and technical skills
  • Recommendations on organization structure and staffing

We’re The Best At Filling Your Hiring Needs

As well-respected leaders in our industry, Layer8 is in a prime position to aid our clients with IT recruitment. Think of us as your recruiting partner: We use our extensive knowledge of the IT environment and your company’s needs to find the best personnel for your team. After all, who knows your IT landscape better than us?

What Makes Layer8 The Ideal Recruiter?

With our security and networking background, Layer8 can:

  • Create a job description that will attract top talent
  • Test candidates through intense technical prescreens
  • Condense the volume of resume submissions with better matches
  • Ensure all direct hires are e-verified
  • Establish contractual guarantees
  • Provide attractive rates